The culture of our motley crew is more than CrossFit rhetoric. It is a contagious atmosphere that will help you experience the physical, mental and personal growth that lives just outside your comfort zone.

Inside these walls you will be held to a higher standard than you may have grown accustom. as the owner of Incinerator, I have overcome an extremely unhealthy lifestyle, i constantly battle my mental demons, but through CrossFit, and the people that make up the community, I went from being unable to complete the warm-up to become a respected resource of weightlifting and CrossFit.

The key for all of us is effort. in here you will be expected to give 100% effort. Effort in your daily execution of the fundamentals. Effort in execution of a recovery program that includes nutrition, sleep, flexibility, and strength. Effort in becoming your own deciding factor in your health and fitness.

Our coaches will pour knowledge into you. All you need to do is be willing to try.

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For All Levels

Fitness is for everyone. This is one of the core principles of CrossFit Incinerator. Whether you have never worked out in your life, need to lose weight, want to be stronger than ever or you are simply looking for a new challenge, this is the place for you. It is our job, and we love our job, to help you progress from wherever you are, in terms of fitness, to wherever you want to be. Your goals are our goals. The staff at CrossFit Incinerator has a wealth of knowledge and ability we are excited to share with everyone we encounter. So, if you are just beginning your fitness journey, or you have been working out for years and are dedicated to further improvement, we have the facility, the knowledge, and the expertise to help you achieve any goal that you have.


At CrossFit Incinerator it is our mission to provide you with the best coaching you can possibly have. Our coaches have received, not only their CrossFit Level 1 but CrossFit Level 2 along with many other CrossFit certifications. Our coaching staff is dedicated to your success by helping you to create quality movement during every single class, as well as sharing their knowledge with you. With several thousands of hours of coaching under their belts, the CrossFit Incinerator staff is more than prepared to help anyone and everyone reach their fitness goals, no matter what those goals may be. We can assure you that every time you walk through our doors you will get a great workout, learn something new and have a blast while doing so.

Meet Our Coaches

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Our Reviews

TJ W.'s Review TJ W.
5.0 star rating

This is a great gym because of the following:
- Coaches are great at scaling workouts to fit you.
- Instruction is the best I've seen--tailored the...

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Brett W.'s Review Brett W.
5.0 star rating

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! I think the keys to a great Crossfit gym are great coaching and a supportive atmosphere. Crossfit Incinerator provides both at a very...

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Gloria M.'s Review Gloria M.
5.0 star rating

Awesome vibe & the coaches/trainers are very helpful. They make sure that you are doing the moves correctly to avoid any injuries and if you are injured...

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